Our Strategy

We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and clinical development of adoptive T cell therapy products that address the treatment of cancer and infections. The company has created a good manufacturing process, or GMP, for the production of T cells from peripheral blood for infusion into the patient. These T cells are reactive with previously overlooked antigens and intended to result in superior killing, homing and duration of response.  We believe that our products will create a new and effective immune response which will seek and destroy cancer all over the body and lead to a durable anti-cancer response.

Our lead product candidate, GNS-TEBV-001, is currently in preclinical testing for EBV+, NHL, gastric and nasopharyngeal cancers.  We also have two additional products, GNS-TGBM-002 and GNS-TPC-003, in preclinical testing for glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer, respectively. T cell products produced by our GMP to target other viral antigens and neoantigens will extend from these programs and comprise the focus of our research.

Targeted DiversiTy™ platform is a novel ex vivo approach that re-educates T cells to become responsive to multiple, previously overlooked tumor antigens.Targeted DiversiTy™ provides a multipronged immune attack with a strategic selection of T cell subsets that continually seek and destroy tumors throughout the body.  In addition , Geneius’ T Direct™ and T Select™ processes work with all classes of tumor antigens (viral, overexpressed cellular and tumor-specific neoantigens), without the requirement for HLA identification.  T Direct™ expands therapeutically beneficial sets of T cells targeting multiple tumor antigens.  T Select™ enriches therapeutically beneficial sets of T cells targeting tumor specific neoantigens without the prior identification of such antigens.