Geneius is an immuno-oncology company that has developed an innovative autologous, adoptive T cell therapy technology which generates a more robust immune response to cancer compared to current approaches.


Targeted DiversiTy™ re-educates the patient’s own T cells to be responsive to multiple previously muted tumor antigens to deliver a stronger and more durable immune response that is less susceptible to immune evasion.

Our breakthrough scalable manufacturing technology that enables the rapid optimization and expansion of subsets of T cells from a unit of patient blood.

Proof-of-concept clinical studies by academic centers have shown highly durable response rates without significant toxicities in both hematologic and solid tumor cancers.

Our processes could significantly reduce healthcare costs while maintaining pharmaceutical profit margins


Targeted DiversiTy™ is our alternative approach to CAR T with a particular focus on solid tumors by targeting viral and neoantigens. Neoantigens are tumor specific antigens that arise from mutations in every patient’s tumor and our proprietary neoantigen technologies allow us to target these with T cells.  With Targeted DiversiTy™, we seek new avenues to treat virtually all solid tumors.

The Company has a fully equipped research and process development laboratory in Natick, Massachusetts and a collaborative team in Stockholm, Sweden.  Geneius is comprised of a talented team of scientists, clinicians, and managers and plans to leverage current and future partnerships to compliment and extend internal programs and activities.